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Upon discharge from the patient’s current medical treatment, GCMS Case Management team provides active Discharge Planning for the patient.  Because levels of outpatient care vary widely across the country, GCMS understands the local medical capabilities and assures the patient receives appropriate medical care from the appropriate provider in a timely manner upon their discharge.

Patients have the right to decide on their final journey, this is often mismanaged due to lack of information and communication. Families and other support structures are “paralysed” with fear of the unknown path ahead.

This often requires a difficult conversation with the patient and family, a discussion not everyone is prepared to initiate.The GCMS case manager together with the treating doctors agree on the timing for the difficult discussion and the Case Manager embraces the opportunity to support the family and patient through the process.

The SA health system is anything but a “system.” It is a multitude of providers all functioning independently without coordination. Because most patients in Case Management are in the active care of several independent providers, these patients are those most likely to suffer from this lack of provider coordination, therefore, increasing costs while decreasing patient satisfaction.

GCMS Case Managers assume the role of “coordinator,” assisting patients and providers in developing a collaborative approach to their care. Our individualized approach allows our Case Managers to respond to the unique needs and circumstances faced by patients assuring coordinated services are consistent with the benefit plan while containing costs and maximizing the health care experience.

  • Acute in hospital case management
  • Rehabilitative case management
  • Post Discharge Follow Up
  • Short-term care management (conditions with treatment < 1 year)
  • Long-term care management (chronic conditions; treatment > 1 year)
  • End of Life Care
  • Provider rate negotiation
  • PPO Channelling

ACM’s Comprehensive Case Management services align the interests of the patient, payer and provider. Our coordination of services ensures that the patient’s experience is maximized while keeping the provision of care consistent with the benefit plan and containing costs.